Other Workshop Services

At Tok Brothers, we also offer a range of other workshop services to cater for all jewellery manufacturing needs.

We offer master mould making for your bulk production runs using only the highest quality rubbers. Our skilled team take the time to ensure your piece is not damaged during this process. After extraction we will then inject the mould several times and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the mould fills correctly allowing easy extraction.

Unfortunately not, as the process is quite messy and results cannot be guaranteed.

Our workshop is able to melt gold into rods and then roll these rods into wires (also known as “stock gauge”). We are able to make stock gauges in a round or square shape.

At Tok Brothers our workshop is able to refine gold & silver (in small batches). Our workshop does NOT refine scrap sand paper, filters & dust. We will only refine clean and solid pieces of gold & silver. 

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